About us

Hello! Welcome to Tattoo Advisor UK


Tattoo advisor UK aims to higher the standard of tattooing in the UK by only putting professional tattoo artists working to a good standard on our site. As all artists are aware, any person with £150.00 hanging around can buy themselves a tattoo license and start tattooing, which is a terrifying thought. However, not every tattooer will get a listing on Tattoo Advisor UK. Want to know why? Well I’m glad you asked!

As a platform run by tattooers were here to give the public a platform to go to where they will find real, professional tattooers. Where all artists that apply for membership have their portfolio, google reviews, work pages evaluated by our industry professionals before being granted membership. This might sound like a daunting process for artists, we get that, but if youre putting out good work and are doing so in a professional environment with lots of happy customers, then we need to hear from you, so we can tell everyone about you so that new customers can discover you in your town or city. Not only that, were also here to help tattooers find the best branded industry products, latest releases, promotional offers and much more. Tattoo advisor UK is a platform that YOU as a tattooer can proudly say “Anyone can get a tattoo license, but only REAL professional tattooers get listed on tattoo advisor”