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Becky is a custom tattoo artist who specialises in the area of dotwork, mandala and geometry but caters to all styles. 

Studio: INK + OILS Tamworth | Web: 

insta: Facebook:



MATT LEWIS - Torquay, Devon

 Matt is a custom tattoo artist who loves the dark side of portraiture and is a specialist in this area of tattooing. Matt tattoos out his Torquay based studio, Sinister Arts. 

Studio: Sinister Arts / Website:



SCOTT LAIDLAW - Huddersfield, UK

 Scott is a custom tattoo artist who excels in the area of colour and black and grey realism, tattooing out of the Drawing Room tattoo studio in Huddersfield. 

Studio: The drawing room 

Insta: Web:


Daz is a custom Award winning tattoo artist tattooing out of Hardlines tattoo studio, Leeds. 



Lauren is a dotwork specialist and creates Truly stunning ornamental and mandala pieces in this style 

Facebook:  Insta:

Kate is a custom tattoo artist that has won awards for her work and specialises in neo traditional 

Facebook: insta: